Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation i. e. APSRTC works together with a well defined objective. APSRTC is focused to treat the customer as a top most priority of their business so because of this, provides them with perfect services. APSRTC is committed to provide very nice quality of services. It believes in continuous improvement k1 belgesi kiralama. A team of professional is issued to study the feedback and response of the passengers very carefully and try their full capacity to improve the service.

APSRTC was started in the year 1932. Initially, it was established as one of the twigs of Nizam State Railway in Hyderabad. It was initially named as Nizam State Railroad and Road Transport Department. APSRTC has improved a lot during the past seven decades. It was established as a separate Corporation on 11th Economy is shown 1958, relative to the street transport Firms Act, 1950.

The APSRTC busses cover a distance of approximately 6. 63 million mls. These busses have the capacity to carry around 120 million passengers everyday. These busses provide local public transport, so your residents of Andhra Pradesh can easily stay connected. APSRTC busses also connect Andhra Pradesh to various other cities, together with Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Orrisa.

It is worth mentioning that APSRTC was the first one to introduce telephone long distance, night bus service. They also introduced AC sleeper coach. A safety commissioner is designated in order to increase the safety of the passengers during the journey.

Passengers can book tickets at the APSRTC reservation center or any authorized Ticket Booking Agent. Telephonic reservation of the tickets can also be done. Nowadays, computerized reservation system is available. Around 400 computerized ticket booking centers are available all over the state. Passengers are also forwarded to road maps and directions. The passengers are the top most priority for APSRTC.