Law of Attraction Techniques for the Network marketing Bush

The reason I ask is that if you are new (less than the usual year or so) your level of frustration, if it is anything like my own when i got in many years ago, is probably pretty high. If you are a frequent, than it is likely you have figured out a way to manage your emotions Jungle Boys Dispensary, or you wouldn’t be in!

The one solution that helped me make it through the bush of direct selling is — Law of Attraction.

The fact that I am so passionate about Law of Attraction stems from my experience in direct selling, where I begun to really apply it daily in my life.

As an accountant of teen years in the corporate world of judgement and numbers, I rarely found people in my workplace with the time or interest in practicing Law of Attraction.

Now in my own home business, I get to practice it every day and encircle myself with people that encourage and support me in developing myself with Law of Attraction technique.

I found over time that to achieve success in network marketing, I naturally applied law of attraction methods into my activities. Here is a brief explanation as to how this works:

You are shown something at first that sounds too good to be true
You are trained to first believe which causes the area experience true success
You can measure your belief by the amount of good that manifests around you
Your belief is based on faith and the personal success stories of others
You are asked to be thankful for and focus on others first and help them to achieve success before you find it get back to you
You must regulate your emotional tone on a daily basis to the ups and downs of sales and sexual rejection
You are usually asked to first write down or see your reasons for doing a network marketing
You must stay focused on your goals and dreams, even though people and circumstances around you at first don’t match what you want to accomplish
You must develop an unwavering belief in yourself and your services and products before people will follow you
The more you focus on helping others and providing value to others, the more successful you are
You build a team that exponentially grows as you build it. You can literally observe how the seed you plant take root and grow over a period of time into the world
Here were my challenges with network marketing when i first got started:
When i first started my travel-related network marketing, I was full of excitement, thinking about my new lifestyle and earning potential. I started making some serious cash right away — $23, 000 in my first 3 months, which continued in the years ahead.

It wasn’t till I was in about a few months though, as i continued to sponsor new team members, that we noticed something strange. People didn’t appear to want to work like Used to do at their businesses. It was just amazing! I would have people send me a pay attention to $11, 000 and a month later decide to drop out! I was making money, but my team wasn’t copying.

That was difficult for me to simply accept. How can people invest so much of time and money and then just walk away? I wasn’t prepared for the considerable amount of emotional energy it would require of me to make it work in network marketing at the 6-9 month mark. I saw people drop like jigs around me and took it very personally, feeling as if I was failing because I couldn’t get anyone to duplicate.