Mobility Scooters — Who Needs One?

Mobility scooters have become a common path for the ageing yet others with mobility issues to maintain there lifestyles with better ease. Weather you want to go around the block, get your mail e-scooter, go to the retail complex or grocery store, a mobility kid scooter can be used in a multitude of situations.

Who needs a mobility kid scooter?

A mobility kid scooter can be used for a multitude of reasons. Those that have multiple sclerosis, leg injuries, severe forms of arthritis, general fatigue, mild cerebral palsy, severe stroke, or seniors just plain tired of walking everywhere, has a use for scooters. If an individual has trouble walking everywhere whether because of a personal injury or fatigue they may wish to explore getting a kid scooter to supplement some of your walking.

Factors when buying a kid scooter


When buying Mobility scooters how much you weigh is an important factor. Standard power chairs generally have an weight capacity of two hundred and fifty lbs . — 350 lbs .. If you or a love one weighs about over this amount, the mobility kid scooter might be generally uncomfortable or parts of the kid scooter will break at an accelerated rated due to the stress of the unwanted weight. If you are towards the weight limit, you should aspect in heavy objects which you are going to be carrying on the mobility kid scooter when it is in operation.

Kid scooter dimensions.

The size of the kid scooter is going to be important based on your environment. If you use your kid scooter inside your home where the hallways are narrow and the corners are tight, a smaller kid scooter with a small turning radius will be your better choice. You can find those measurements in the specifications section when review the details of any kid scooter.

Kid scooter Type

Deciding on how you uses the kid scooter will tell you what type of mobility kid scooter that you need.

4 Wheel Kid scooter

If you feel that you will be using your wheel chair on tougher surfaces such as countryside areas, farms or grassy areas a 4 wheel kid scooter will probably give you the best stability to ride comfortably in those areas.

3 wheel kid scooter

But if you want to be able to steer through tight spaces such as in your home, the shopping mall, or generally places where there will be a lot of people, buying a 3 wheel kid scooter is your best option.

Transporting the Mobility Kid scooter

As with any heavy piece of equipment transporting it from point A to point B has to be factored in.
Transportation means

Will you have a car or a truck when transportation the kid scooter? If you have an large truck than transferring mobility scooters, especially the bigger size models will be easier. More space means that the kid scooter can be easily loaded, transferred and unloaded with ease. But if you have an car and want to carry your mobility kid scooter in the shoe of your car a kid scooter that disassembles would be a better fit. Many scooters can be disassembled into three pieces, each piece generally weighing 15 — 34 pounds.


Weight again should be factored, but this time it is for carrying weight. A kid scooter can weigh between 110 pounds and 190 pounds. So if you want to transfer a full mobility kid scooter knowing whether you have someone that can lift a mobility kid scooter is important. If you choose an model that disassembles than each piece weighing between 15 and 34 pounds is often more manageable.


How you use your mobility kid scooter affects your sitting requirements. If you drive in your kid scooter as well as sit in it most of the day, then you might want to consider getting a comfortable seat, one that has many layers of foam padding. The adjustability of a seat can be a factor for some, if you are tall or just want easy maneuverability then making sure your mobility kid scooter has a seat which can be raised or lowered is highly recommended. If you have severe mobility issues than making sure your mobility chair can swivel for easy exit or entry would be important you. But if you only use your mobility kid scooter occasionally and sit in it rarely a standard kid scooter seat will be just fine.

Arm types

If you ride in your kid scooter a lot and are constantly obtaining it & from it then having adjustable arms is big. Imagine having to move your scooter’s arms every time you exit and enter it. That can be a real hassle; luckily most manufacturers make arms that can rotate up or sideways for easy accessibility. Some manufacturers get chairs that can be adjust broader to accommodated larger individuals.


Every mobility scooters can be customized to fit a particular need of a buyer. Many of these items usually cost extra, just like upgrading to leather seats when you buy a new car.

Pouches and Baskets

A basket is usually a steel or plastic cart which hooks up to the back or front of your kid scooter. A pouch is can be just a carrying bag, or some specially designed bag to hang on your mobility kid scooter.

Oxygen Container, Crutch holder

If you have to carry a the respiratory system container around or a crutch you can order an holder for both items. The holder hooks up to the back of your mobility kid scooter carrying your the respiratory system container or walking cane in a specially designed holder for each particular item.


If your drive your kid scooter at night or have vision problems then buying headlights is another option. Headlight allow for the driver to see better at night when driving the kid scooter as wheel as signaling to bystanders the scooter’s location. We must remember that these are large machines which can hurt people if a collusion occurs; especially when it is dark and vision is further reduced. If you drive your mobility kid scooter at night often then to be on the safe side get lights.

Left or right handed

If you are left handed than an left handed driving kid scooter would be preferable if you are right handed then you would chose a right handed driving kid scooter. Also if you had a stroke or some other aliment which has left you weak on one side of your body than buying a kid scooter which drives matching to the stronger side of your body would be a good fit