QuickBooks Integration a perfect Partnering With Online Scheduling Calendars

Service-based organizations of all kinds-from “mom-and-pop” businesses to Fortune 500 companies and corporations-have quickly used Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to improve the efficiency of their operations. These Web-based applications are typically affordable, easy-to-learn, and more affordable than the traditional software and with hardware and programming that accompany it. And they vary wildly of tasks businesses can use them for, from online appointment-scheduling and customer payment-processing, to accounting and recruiting programs Lobby kiosk.

As stand-alone services, these applications are often the best option for the specific task they’re designed for. But progressively more businesses and organizations want to integrate these services with other applications they use on a daily or regular basis. Because of this need, many SaaS providers have initiated offering integrations between their products and these other programs.

In many cases, this can be the perfect partnering. Very good example: The integration between online scheduling calendars and QuickBooks accounting software.


Online scheduling appointments software is a proven path for businesses to automate and reduces costs of their appointment- and reservation-booking procedures. Additionally, depending on the service provider the business uses, a buyer scheduling his or her appointment or reservation may also have the ability to pay for it at the same time, with the scheduler automatically managing the transactions via a payment-processing application. If the business uses QuickBooks for its accounting tasks, the proprietor or staff must then hand input the customer and payment-transaction information into their QuickBooks account.

Recognizing the requirement business owners and staff have for a more automated and easier process, some online scheduler appointments providers like Appointment-Plus allow us integrations between their scheduling systems and accounting programs like QuickBooks. These include very user-friendly and require only a minimal amount of time and effort to set up. Once connected, most allow the seamless transfer of payment and customer information from the online scheduler to the appropriate QuickBooks fields, and never having to hand enter it.


The growing need for integrations between online scheduling calendars and QuickBooks demonstrates the key role Web-based booking systems play in service-based businesses that depend on accurate and efficient appointment-scheduling. Throw online payment-processing into the mix, and a business owner now has the tools in place to increase revenues and keep appointment or reservation video poker machines full.

In our Internet-driven society, most people attended that is expected their carrier’s networks to offer online functionality which make it safer to interact with them, such as self-scheduling. More and more people are also quite comfortable paying for items online, including services. This creates a perfect scenario to increase sales right through the internet, as it not only gives a far more convenient path for customers to book and pay for their appointments and a reservation online and never having to pick up the telephone, it also gives businesses the ability to automatically conduct transactions at any hour.

In addition to the benefit online scheduling calendars offer customers, they can have a positive and almost immediate impact in how a business or organization copes with its appointment- and reservation-booking processes.

In the traditional manner, booking appointments and managing customer information can be quite tedious and time-consuming. And in most cases, it typically involves over-the-phone appointments and manual input of appointment and customer details into a paper schedule book, spreadsheet or so on. This leads into considerable responsibilities of time and staff resources, which could be taken for more pressing tasks.

An online scheduler appointments can automate and reduces costs of the entire process from start to finish, without any additional action from owners, operators and staff. A buyer accesses the scheduler through any Internet connection, views services and availability, decides on a day and time for the appointment or reservation, and then books the appointment. The online scheduler does the rest; some services can even send out e-mail and text message pointers automatically to reserved individuals.

QuickBooks is a common application essentially small businesses. Online scheduling calendars are becoming a lot more common at these locations. Together, they can form a perfect partnering for businesses to operate more efficiently and viably.

Eric Richard is the pr specialist for Appointment-Plus, an online scheduler appointments that has reserved over 60 to 70 million appointments and a reservation since its launch in 2001. Almost 5, 000 businesses throughout the united states, The us and 10 other countries rely on the online scheduling calendars for such tasks as of customer reservation and appointment times, booking rooms, facilities and equipment, accepting online payments, sending pointers, and e-marketing. Its developer is StormSource, a Chandler, Ariz. -based technology firm devoted to the development of online appointment software for a wide variety of applications and industries. Geared primarily toward small businesses such as doctors’ offices, gyms, health clubs and massage experienced counselors, users of Appointment-Plus also include Fortune 500 companies; universites and colleges; healthcare agencies and facilities; federal and local government; and shipping and delivery services.