Stress Free House Moving

Why go through all that stress of moving house when you don’ need to — go to a good website and discover a company that best suits your needs. But first know a few of the pitfalls and tips and tricks to moving house with ease, you might even save your valuable relationship in the process evden eve nakliyat.

Setting up the Move

When you have confirmed that you are moving properties it’s time to start looking at and comparing the various removalists companies in your area. It’s important to not leave this aspect till when it’s too late.

You need to do your required research and make sure you find out whatever you can about each company, for example; are they part of your national removalists association? are are they not a bunch of University students with a vehicle?

Remember you are moving some of possessions that you have collected over a lifetime, don’t risk getting them thieved of broken with hiring the wrong company.

If you do the moving yourself:

If you do all the moving yourself then you are in for a very stressful experience, make sure you set up any occasion afterwards as you will need to recover and possible save your valuable relationship, on the practical side make sure you do the following:

Get a number of quotes for vans or small trucks, don’t settle for starters quote.
Book on during the week if possible as you will lay aside from the increased weekend rates.
Get plenty of strong boxes to make sure all your belongings are packed well , nor break
Get your family and freinds to help out — many hands make light work.
If you Hire a company to do the Moving for you:
This is the preferred option which now offers a safer, more stress freeoption to doing the moving yourself. Remember that you still need to prepare and execute a little homework first.

Make sure you get at least three quotes from three different removalist companies.

Be sure each quote is clearly written out and call extra fees and charges are marked on the quote.

Be sure the removalist company is a member of the national removalist association of your country.

Be sure that the company you may use are not subcontracting their work out to a second party, this is not safe and you cannot be sure who they are using.

Tkae note of the removalist companies uniforms and trucks, if they are not in order and professional looking then it’s a sign that the rest of their service is not good either.

Make sure you check their contract to make sure they are fully insured and can replace anything that may be damaged during the move, this may include extra charges that needs to be clearly marked on the quote for their services.

Check with your home contents insurance organisation they may have covered all your home contents, as it depends where the goods are broken to see who is responsible.

Ask your family and friends for any contracts or recommendations they can have for a good removalist company.

You can hire remavlist boxes and containers if you don’t have them yourself, don’t skimp on this as it’s one of the most important steps to ensure you have all your precious goods kept welfare and secure and break free.

Start providing things well before the moving date, this will insure you have sufficient time to pack things well and safe. Most people will wait till the last minute and then rush pack things, imporper providing results in your treasured items breaking during the move.

Make an itinterary of all the items you need to pack, items in your garage or garden shed are forgotten, this will increase the cost of your removaist quote.

Don’t inform any companies or other contacts of your new address until your actual new residence is confirmed, make sure you have signed the contracts and then start the process of telling peopl eof your new address.

Use a redirct service from your post office, this will insure all your old mail gets rerouted to your new residence.

Draw up a full plan of your new property, having a good floor plan will help you be able to work out where everythign goes so you don’t waste time moving heavy furnature around unless you find the ideal spot for each item.