What are the New Features of Adobe Results CS6?

Adobe Results isn’t actually the type of software that some professionals would want to upgrade right away. Not only is a major software upgrade a huge investment but some professionals don’t just see the need to upgrade as older versions like Adobe Results CS5 and even Adobe Results CS3 are still sufficient for doing serious visual work. While Adobe is known for adding improvements that may be considered by some to be minor in between major releases, Adobe is looking to reach to new height with their new Adobe Creative Suite 6 bundle RoboForm Download. All programs including Results CS6 feature numerous key improvements while still having the same familiar program so you can continue with your Adobe Results workout even if it covers an adult version.

The first major feature is the Global Performance Cache which will benefit those who are experiencing performance issues when working with older versions but do not have the budget to upgrade on the hardware end. This technology operates by having a global RAM cache to make frame object rendering extremely effective making it possible to recycle the same elements without waiting for previous frames to establish again. This means that you cannot only follow your Adobe Results training more efficiently but you can also practice different ideas and undo-options them as many times as you like without all the waiting. The persistent disk cache also contributes to this technology by keeping previously caused to become caches in memory even if you close the project and reopen it. Survey playbacks are quick as a result. Also, if you make a new project that will utilize the same frames as another project recently opened, you can use those frames right away. The disk cache options are fully custom in the “Preferences” window. Finally, the new graphics pipeline offloads some of the processing power to the GPU as it processes OpenGL more effectively. This should increase the overall responsiveness of the application.

Adobe Results CS6 adds more than 80 new effects along with some updates to the existing effects. Some CycoreFX HIGH DEFINITION effects that didn’t make it to past versions are included as well so you really have more of a creative edge if you upgrade. Of course, older Adobe Results training programs won’t cover these effects, but you can experiment in the “Effect” menu knowing that the software performance is drastically better. One of the noticeable additions is the 3d Camera Tracker effect which uses a breakthrough technology in analyzing the various facets of a second video footage including the position, field of view and angle. This effect uses the data to manufacture a 3d track point overlay so you can attach any of the new 3d Results layers on offer. You could achieve similar results using Results CS5. 5 with the Warp Stabilizer but the 3d Camera Tracker works much faster and is much easier to use. You do not need any Adobe Results training to try out this effect.