Why Your Startup Needs an Explainer Video

Marketing a startup business can be tough, particularly when you offer a forward thinking new service or product. Not only are you trying to set up a new brand, but you have the challenge of explaining exactly what you do and how it’s not the same as every other company out there. Also, and did we mention that most people have short attention covers? They probably aren’t going to sit via a long presentation or read a 10-page whitepaper explainer video.

So what’s a startup to do? The answer is actually rather simple: you need an explainer video.

Short, Sweet, And To the point

By now, you undoubtedly know what an explainer video is: a short video (one to three minutes) that features individuals to your company or product and explains exactly what you do in an entertaining and compelling manner.

An explainer isn’t an advertisement or a sales page, although they generally will include a call to action. It’s an introduction designed to get potential customers interested enough in your company to want for more information — and perhaps eventually convert.

In fact, explainer videos are proven to assist in sales — in some cases by as much as 80 percent. Video engages customers; according to one survey, more than 90 percent of customers believe that video is useful to decision-making, and sixty four percent of users may buy a product online after watching a video. Why is this the case? Well, video has a few advantages over other styles of marketing.

It’s Short

We’ve already established that audiences have short attention covers. That being said, you might be surprised at how much information you can pack into a 60- to 90-second video. More importantly, the short format forces you to pay attention to the key points. What’s your unique selling position? What’s your value task? What problem(s) can you solve?

Videos Reveal Your Culture

As a new company, your audience doesn’t have an awareness of who you are yet. Through video, and your choice of images, music, characters, and screenplay, you can easily provide a view of your brand and your culture and help your audience get a better sense of who you are.

Video Simplifies Complex Topics

Again, explainer videos force you to easily simplify complex topics to fit the format. If your startup offers something completely new and different, an explainer will distill it down to the key points and focus on what’s in it for the customer. When you make an computer animated explainer, you can provide viewers with an inside look at a complex product that they might not otherwise see, and make it easier for them to understand what it really is you have to do.

Videos Improve Likelihood of Going Viral

If you want to improve your SEO results (and who doesn’t? ) video is the way to go. Youtube ranks second overall in Google search results, and video overall is shared more often than other styles of content. By sharing your explainer on social media, your site, Youtube, and other places, you can increase your reach and organic search traffic results — something you need as a start up company.